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A Brit and a Broad

What was A Brit and a Broad?

A Brit and a Broad was a travel video project set up by Macca Sherifi, Brian Ceci and Brianna Wiens all about bringing people and places to you back at home.

The three of us initially set up A Brit and a Broad to create a video series like no other. At the time Brian was an award-winning videographer with his own production company, Brianna was an up-and-coming actress, and I was a well-know travel journalist, so we wanted to combine all our skills and talents together to create a very unique travel show.

The first time I met Brianna in person was in Vancouver – we had a coffee as she showed me around the city – and then the day after we were shooting our first episode together where I bungee jumped for the first ever. And that was it, that was how A Brit and a Broad started, with me jumping off really high things, Brianna adding a touch of style and Brian making everything look seamlessly beautiful.

From Vancouver, we flew to Mexico, and that was where we started our first series, an overland adventure from Mexico all the way down to Panama, a different episode in each country.

But first, this is what A Brit and a Broad was all about:

Series One of A Brit and a Broad – Central America

For series one, we travelled all the way through Central America, from Mexico all the way down to Panama, shooting an episode in each country.

None of us had been to Central America before, so we thought it’d be the perfect place to really immerse ourselves in the Latin culture and to learn about so many different cultures and societies in a short space of time.

We wanted to start our series somewhere exciting, a place with a huge amount of energy, and it doesn’t get bigger or better than Mexico City. This place was such a festival for the senses, and it really set the tone for the rest of the series. It’s funny, I look back on our Mexico City episode now and I always think it looks so raw and rugged – put it this way, we really didn’t have a clue what we were doing!

From Mexico City we made our way south through Mexico stopping off at Oxaca, San Cristobal de la Casa, and a couple of other places along the way before crossing the border into Belize.

After some very relaxing island time on Caye Caulker, it was back inland to the jungles of Guatemala, through Honduras and El Salvador, then down into Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama.

Despite all the countries being in very close proximity to each other in Central America, they are all incredibly different and diverse, and that’s something that we really wanted to highlight in our videos; that even travelling a few hours into new country can bring a place so so so different.

In series one we really wanted to showcase some of the things that could be seen and done in a part of the world still relatively untravelled – hopefully we achieved that!

This is probably my favourite episode from our first series at A Brit and a Broad:

You can watch all episodes of our first series through Central America here!

Series Two of A Brit and a Broad – Sicily, Italy

For our second series at A Brit and a Broad we travelled through the incredible island of Sicily just off the south coast of Italy.

Working with Tastemade and Sanpellegrino on the Live! Eat! Sicily! series, we wanted to see, and most importantly taste, all that this place had to offer. I’m not going to lie, the food was some of the best I’ve ever tasted, and Sicily really gave an insight into a slower-paced version of Italian life.

This series was all about the sunshine and the sea, all about local food and local living, and it was such a pleasure to make. It’s not often you get to eat your way through a place like Sicily and we took full advantage of that!

I think my favourite episode from our second series in Sicily was climbing up the largest active volcano in all of Europe… Mount Etna! The views from up here were just unreal!

 You can watch all episodes of our first series through Sicily here!

Series Three of A Brit and a Broad – Greenland

Building on the success of our second series, for our third series we really wanted to travel to a place unlike any of us had ever been to before – say hello to Greenland.

It’s hard to describe what Greenland was like (in fact, you’re better off reading all our articles from the country!) – for me though, it was a place that completely blew me away on every single level, so much so it is now my favourite country in the world.

Honestly, there aren’t many places with that raw, untouched beauty as Greenland, and travelling throughout the country was an experience none of us expected.

When it came to creating a series in Greenland, we wanted something that perfect reflected the country – something that was peaceful and relaxing, something that showcased the stunning landscapes, something that really immersed the viewer what it would be like to travel there. I *think* we did that, but it’s better is you see it for yourself.

You can watch all episodes of our third series through Greenland here!

So, that was A Brit and a Broad.

Like all good things they have to come to and end, and after three seasons travelling the world together we decided to go our separate ways (you can read all about why here).

It was so amazing travelling the world with Brian and Brianna, and I’ve no doubt I’ll travel with them again at some point, but now it’s all about An Adventurous World and I hope you’ll keep following me on my journey!