Christmas abroad can still mean gift giving!

Christmas can be a hard time to be away from home. It’s usually a time for family and friends, and while on the road you are probably making new friends to celebrate with, it’s nice to stay connected to home, too.

Honestly, the person that usually takes it hardest is your mom. Even if you can’t be home, there are ways to send some Christmas love while abroad.

Here’s our little gift guide for unique ways to say, “I love you!” to mom (or whoever you want) while you’re traveling:

Send a Personalized Postsnap Postcard

No, you don’t need to bring along your crating supplies.

There’s a really cool app called Postsnap that creates postcards for you, using travel photos that are on your phone! That way, you can literally take a photo that day and send it as a card that will arrive just days later.

I sent a few Christmas cards to Macca, since he’s in London at the moment and I’m in Vancouver and I also used it to print some of our Greenland images. The perfect addition to any fridge.

It’s really intuitive to use and it saves addresses so when you’re ready to send, it’s quick and simple. There are lots of features like collage style images and borders to complete your card so play away and make something beautiful or funny and weird.

The app offers different currencies (British pounds, US/Canadian/Australian dollars) and ships everywhere in the world, which obviously makes things easy when you’re on the road.

A pretty cute touch? You can write or type your message on the back of the card (but I recommend practicing a few times first if you’re using the touch-screen signature..)

You can download the app here and use the code BRITABROAD to get 20% off!

Make a Video

india travel video

Well, Macca and I obviously love to do this. It might not seem like something that would be at the top of sometimes list, but trust me, all your mother wants is to know you’re ok.

Film a little video, speaking into camera, for your mom, sister or a close friend. Film it in a beautiful location, show off where you are and tell them what you’re up to.

I was in India for my sister’s 30th birthday and so I recorded a funny little video for her while standing on an epic hillside in McLeod Gang. There was a moment where a whole family came scurrying down the hill and we included it in the video. She said it was one of the best gifts she’s gotten.

You can just use your phone, and if you want to get fancy, you can edit it using imovie or another smartphone editor. Speak from your heart!

Give an IOU Experience

central park new york

I don’t know about you, but all my mom ever says she wants for Christmas is to spend time with me and my sisters.

If you’re away and you can’t spend time with family, why not plan a special experience? Whether you let them know by email, text or on a Skype call, putting together a well thought out “date” is one of the best things you can do for someone you love.

Back to Backpacking in Nicaragua, trekking

Even better, create an experience where you can bring a bit of your trip into it. If you’ve been trekking in Nicaragua for the past couple of months, find a hike close to home and make a day of it.

If you’ve been beaching it up in Thailand, find the most authentic Thai restaurant nearby and take your best friend out for dinner (Macca would love this) or plan a spa day, complete with Thai massage (I’d take that option, thanks).

The more planned, the better because then they know you’ve put some thought it. It’s something they can look forward to in the New Year after all the holiday festivities are over.

Send Home Sweets

turkey Istanbul sweets

This can be a risky one, because you never know how long things will take to ship. But if you plan ahead enough, your treats can arrive just in time for the holiday snacking to commence.

It’s always interesting to send the flavour of the place you’re in, whether it’s British candies or Indian sweets and I don’t know about you, but holidays in my house are all about eating.

Can’t send the actual sweets? Speak to a local shop owner and see if they’ll give you a recipe! Better yet, ask them to show you or take a class and then send pictures with step by step instructions!

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