Win an amazing Craghoppers jacket, a cool SleepPhones headband, and a few other bits and bobs too

** This competition is now closed **
Congratulations to Elizabeth Sellers for winning the Craghoppers 3-in-1 jacket

Congratulations to Julio Ivan Ceballos for winning a SleepPhones headband
Congratulations to Pasca Andreea for winning a SleepPhones headband
Congratulations to Merry Clark for winning the bottle of sloe gin
Congratulations to Simon Heyes for winning a surprise prize
Congratulations to Ryan Kelley for winning a surprise prize

Ho ho ho and Merry Christmas!

Okay, so it might not be Christmas just yet, but we’re getting into the spirit of it all nonetheless and we want to get you involved in the fun festive cheer too! That’s why we’ve got another amazing competition just in time for Christmas. Call it an early present from the three of us at An Adventurous World. Don’t worry about it. You’re welcome.

We love the little things that make life easier while on the road, so for this competition we’re giving away a couple of cute prizes that should hopefully make those small differences.

But first, we’ve got something that you’re going to love.

Win a Craghoppers 364 3-in-1 jacket

As the weather’s starting to get a lot colder, we thought you’d like a jacket for the winter. Well, let us present to you the Craghoppers 364 3-in-1 jacket.

We don’t know about you, but we’re always misjudging the weather. When it comes to winter, we’re constantly overheating, taking our clothes off only to put them on again 10 minutes later.

With this 3-in-1 jacket there’s a removable insulating layer so you can easily adapt by layering up or down depending on the weather. Clever, eh? This means it’s perfect for rainy autumn days as well as cold winter months.

Craghoppers 364 3-in-1 jacket

Here’s what Craghoppers have to say about it:

This classic parka-style waterproof outer jacket has been teamed with a gorgeously lightweight super-insulating CompressLite inner to create the ultimate in weatherproof performance. A stylish combination that covers all the bases – split them up if you like or unite to get the best of both worlds.

  • Jacket – AquaDry Membrane cotton polyester polyamide with WR finish & polyester cotton lining outer
  • Inner – Polyester with DWR finish & hollowfibre fill inner
  • Grown on hood with waxed cord adjusters to front & stud adjuster to back
  • Button fastening stormflap, inner zip guard & two way centre front zip
  • Inner hooded CompressLite jacket with 2 zipped lower pockets & 1 zipped inner stow pocket
  • 8 pockets – 2 button fastening lower, 2 welted zipped chest, 1 stud fastening sleeve, 1 mobile phone, 1 velcro credit card, 1 zipped inner map

The Craghoppers 264 3-in-1 jacket usually retails for £180.

Win an AcousticSheep SleepPhones Breeze headband

Now we’re giving away two of these AcousticSheep SleepPhones Breeze headbands, so double the reason for entering our Christmas competition!

We only came across these headbands quite recently after they were commended at the innovation awards, then we realised how useful they’d be for travelling.

Basically, they are earphones within a headband, and they were initially designed to wear in bed to help you listen to some chilled choons to drift off to sleep to. Then they found out they’re really good for people suffering from insomnia. Then they found out they’re really good for people whose partners the heaviest snorers and breathers in the world (come on, we know you’re out there).

That’s when we started thinking about it. We’ve all been in a dorm room with the loudest snorer ever (we’ve even contemplated murdering someone before), but with a SleepPhones headband you can block them out while actually being able to sleep. Cool, right?

Also, we thought they’d be brilliant on a night bus. Comfy and practical!

AcousticSheep SleepPhones Breeze headband

We’ve got a couple of colours here, blue for the guys and pink for the girls. We thought that fit in well with us being a Brit and a broad. It’s the small things.

The AcousticSheep SleepPhones Breeze headband usually retails for £39.99.

Win a lovely bottle of Warner Edwards sloe gin

It wouldn’t be Christmas without sitting around the fire in a drunken stupor wondering why you ate so much. Well, to help you get in that glorious warm and fuzzy state we’re giving away a bottle of Warner Edwards sloe gin from 31DOVER.

If you haven’t come across 31DOVER before, they are a booze delivery service. What that means is they’ll actually deliver booze directly to your front door. Yes, you did read that right. So, this year, instead of braving the supermarkets where everyone is fighting over the last bottle of crème de cassis, you can just order it all online and save yourself the hassle. Pretty perfect in time for all those Christmas parties, right?

Warner Brothers sloe gin

What can we say other than Merry Christmas!

The Warner Edwards slow gin gift boxed usually retails for £29.95.

Win a few other bits and bobs

This is like our very own version of secret Santa. We’ve got a few other bits and bobs that we’d like to give away. These are completely secret and random, so you just don’t know what you’re going to get. You’ll like it though, that we can assure you!

How to win this great swag

Obviously you want to know how to enter our Christmas competition, and it really couldn’t be any easier.

All you have to do is this:

  • Subscribe to our YouTube channel
  • Subscribe to our Facebook page
  • You’re done. That’s it. Told you it was simple

Now I can hear one or two of you saying “wait a minute, I’m already subscribed to both pages, what about me!?” Yep, we hear you. If you just pop a comment in the box below with some sort of funny message, or any message really, then we’ll know you’ve already subscribed to both of our channels. It’s just so we can identify you!

How are we selecting the winners?

This one’s super simple. As it’s Christmas, and we want it to be completely fair, it’s just going to be a random name from a hat, so obviously you’ve got at least three chances of winning!

When does the Christmas competition close?

Christmas competition, so on Christmas, innit.

To be exact, the competition closes at 23:59 on Friday 25th December 2015. That’s exactly one month from today, so make sure you’re in it to win it!

So there you have it. Easy, right?

Good luck with it, and of course enjoy the festive season. It’s officially started!


Macca Sherifi is an author, blogger and photographer - he makes up the Brit of An Adventurous World - while Brianna Wiens is an actor, director and photographer - obviously she's the broad.

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    • Yey! A huge congratulations Elizabeth! We really hope you enjoy the Craghoppers jacket; we’re not going to lie, it’s an awesome prize!

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    Proving once and for all you can’t have your kayak and heat it too…

    But seriously I would love to have a new jacket for kayaking!

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