As if any of us needed another excuse to travel…

Travelling is one of the greatest things you can do in your life – at An Adventurous World we truly believe that. Well, we’re not the only ones.

It’s a couple of years old now, but this video by BuzzFeed, Facts That Will Make You Want to Travel, is one I keep on going back to. Everytime I watch it I’m filled with overwhelming possabilities in life, and as they say at BuzzFeed, if this video doesn’t inspire you to plan your trip, nothing will.

Facts That Will Make You Want to Travel is all about going out there and doing something different, to truly experience an alternative way of life.

Apparently, trip length doesn’t affect post trip happiness, so even if you’re going away for a long weekend you’re still going to reap the benefits of the trip. Basically, in short, people should travel more and they travel more often.

This video, Facts That Will Make You Want to Travel, is all about going out there and doing something different, to truly experience an alternative way of life.

I have to admit, there’s nothing quite like being on the road, not knowing where you’re going or where you’ve just come from. When you’re on the road, you’ve got the time to think, to put things into perspective. You’ll also learn so much about the world and about yourself too; I know I certainly did!

If you’re on the edge and you don’t know whether to go travelling or not, just watch this video; hopefully it’ll make up your mind for you. And trust me, travelling is a lot easier that you think.

So, what are you waiting for?

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Paul Marshall
Paul Marshall

Really nice video and I agree, a vacation can rejuvenate the soul. I live in Barbados and people keep asking when I travel to certain cities, why vacation outside of Barbados, that I live in paradise. But it is not the same as leaving all the crap behind and relaxing with your family seeing new things and different cultures.

I agree with most people Barbados is great with unforgettable people and invite you all to Barbados, when every you can make it here.

Rachel Vagabondbaker
Rachel Vagabondbaker

Dare I watch this? Even just regular tv and movies make me want to set off, this looks like it could be super dangerous: I’m in London for 5 days, with access to the Eurostar and airports! Haha!