A rude awakening

A new series we are going to be running at An Adventurous World is ‘Hostel Horror Stories’. These are those nitty gritty stories that only happen to you in some shitty hostel in some far flung foreign country.

As a first installment, here’s ‘A rude awakening’:

I heard the door open at some ungodly hour; we all did. There was a guy silhouetted in the doorway.

He stepped in, and upon realising this wasn’t his door room, quickly apologised, so why he proceeded to turn on the lights was a bit of a mystery to me.

He looked at each of us directly in the eye and said sorry again, then walked directly over to the bunk bed in the corner where a couple of Canadian’s were sleeping (or not as now was the case).

He then described the following situation to us:

Are you missing a friend?

“My friend. He has locked himself in the shower. It is on and we can’t get through to him. The door is locked and we are worried something might have happened to him, that he might have fallen over and hurt himself.”

These two Canadians stared at him confused; we all stared at him confused. It was far too late (or too early depending on which way you looked at it) to be comprehending words and a situation such as this.

That’s when he pointed: “The door! There is a door next to your bunk bed that leads directly to the showers. It is like a side entrance. We need to open it to check on him.”

Again, these two Canadians looked confused, but before they even had time to formulate a response this guy had dragged their bunk bed halfway across the roo and was through it like a weasel.

The dorm room in question

I looked over to one of the Canadians and quipped, “I know I should care more but I just don’t.” I assumed what might have transpired here.

After a few minutes, our guy burst back into the room.

“It’s ok! He’s ok! He just passed out drunk in the shower!”

I have to admit, even in a sleepy stupor, I found the image of this drunken guy passed out in the shower cubicle hilarious.

Add in the fact that his friend – who I have to say really went above and beyond the call of duty – walked into that shower room expecting the worst, and instead, he was faced with a guy slumped on the floor completely naked, water battering his skin. And let’s be honest, that’s a horrible position to catch anyone in, male or female.

The question is, was one of the culprits pictured here?

After he dragged the Canadian’s bunk bed back into place said sorry a handful more times, he quickly left, no doubt to get a well-deserved drink for all his hard efforts.

As for us, we all quickly fell back to sleep. I had a wry smile on my face; I thought it was quite a funny reintroduction to hostel life on only my second night in Eastern Europe.


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i love these stories