Want to sound like a Canadian, eh? Well look no further! This is how to sound like a Canuck!

Communication can be a challenge between Macca and myself, usually starting with a very confused look and ending with laughter and a bad Canadian or British impression.

There are so many words and phrases I don’t realize are Canadian until Macca has no idea what I’m talking about and vice versa.

To celebrate Canada Day (July 1st) and to add some new lingo to your vocabulary, here’s a list of some very Canadian slang.

Make sure to check out our video, where I learn a lot of British terminology that sometimes makes sense and sometimes does not – and be prepared to laugh.



to go full throttle. To the max. 100%.

Example – “Yeah buddy, get in your truck and let’s giv’er!”


used as a question at the end of a sentence, looking for a response. Like huh? or hey?

Example – “You sure have travelled a lot, eh?”


a winter hat, what someone else in the world might call a beanie

Example – “Put on your toque – it’s cold out there.”


a 375ml bottle of alcohol

Example – “Can you pick me up a mickey at the liquor store? We’re getting lit tonight!”


a one dollar coin

Example – “With the Canadian dollar as it is, you can’t buy much for a loonie anymore.”


a carbonated beverage, like Coca Cola or Sprite. What most people call soda.

Example – “I don’t drink pop, but if I do, I like it with vodka.”



a nickname for someone from Canada. Also the hockey team from Vancouver.

Example – “These guys are a bunch of canucks, for sure. Check out their toques.”


bathroom, toilet, water closet.

Example – “Excuse me, I just got off a 10 hours bus ride .. can you point me in the direction of the washroom?”


a refreshing alcoholic beverage, often enjoyed on Sundays, made with clamato juice, vodka and spices. Something Macca is obsessed with.

Example – “I’m so hungover I’m going to need three caesar’s this morning.”

Out for a rip

going out with your buds, probably in a truck and probably drinking some beers and maybe smoking some stuff.

Exmaple – “You goin’ out for a rip bud?


a cigarette

Example – “He’s just been out crushing darts all day. I think he’s bummed about the Canucks losing last night.”


celebration, usually after a goal in hockey.

Example – “It’s Canada Day – we’re gonna celly hard tonight!”

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