After an epic year where we published 34 different videos, which ones made our top 5 favourite videos of 2016?

2016 stated on a bit of a sombre note for us.

Brianna was in Vancouver, I was in London, and it didn’t look like we had any shoots on the horizon anytime soon.

Then we said “fuck it, looks do a trip together”, so I booked a flight to Canada and soon after we were on our all-American roadtrip through Oregon to Portland! That’s just how we roll sometimes.

Since then we really ramped up the number of videos we published in 2016 trying to bring you weekly episodes (which, FYI, is damn hard to do!)

Saying that, we did go to Denmark and Greenland on what had to be our favourite trip of the year, and we also shot a lot of stuff in and around London too. Yep, it’s safe to say it’s been another great year for us.

We actually published 34 videos this year which we’re pretty proud of, and we’ve clocked up well over 100,000 views (that’s about 225,000 minutes!)

However, out of all those videos there are some real standout favourites. So, without further ado, here are our favourite videos of 2016!

GREENLAND | Travel in Narsaq, Greenland

I could’ve easily gone for any episode from our Greenland series here, and even though Nuuk, our first episode, has clocked up nearly 20,000 views, my favourite is in fact our Narsaq episode.

This episode contains our first ever dab (Brianna nailed it, sort of…), but for me it represents life in Greenland at its best. Life in Greenland is all about community spirit, helping each other out, and living outdoors in some of the toughest environments, and it was in Narsaq that we saw all of these things harmoniously together.

We also had one of the most unbelievable days of travelling. It would take far too long to describe everything that happened, but we went from iceberg harvesting to standing on an iceberg to shooting a .22 rifle at an iceberg to sailing to the mouth of Narsarsuaq Glacier to watching an iceberg completely break apart in front of our eyes. Oh, and we even caught a few fish along the way before heading out to dinner! As I said, it’d take far too long to describe this one so you’re just going to have to watch it in our episode on Narsaq!

TOFINO – Epic adventures in Tofino, Vancouver Island, Canada

We’ve already waxed lyric about Tofino in our post ‘Pacific Coast Dreamin’ in Tofino’, but what can we say, we like the place!

One thing that’s actually incredibly difficult to do while filming an episode is to capture a moment, a moment that includes everyone who watches it.

When Brianna took me to Tofino, her favourite place in the world, it was all about capturing that childhood spirit, for her to show me (and everyone else) why this place is so special to her. And every time I watch this video, I’m taken back to that moment again. Also, pocket tent jokes…

Travel in Portland, USA

This was such a close call between this one and our ‘Greetings from the West Coast, USA’ episode (mainly for all the Goonies references), but in the end ‘Travel in Portland, USA’ just edged it with its shit jokes and for just being really really weird (which describes us pretty well we think!)

From going to the freaky museum of Peculiarium to playing all the arcades at Ground Kontrol to throwing the world’s smallest Frisbee at the world’s smallest park, I think we can say we “did” Portland.

Also, there’s a killer track at the end of this episode so listen out for that!

COPENHAGEN – Travel in Copenhagen, Denmark

This is us back to our weird best, this time in Copenhagen.

I absolutely love Copenhagen (which evidently comes across in this post), and it was great showing Brianna around a city I know fairly well.

For me, the absolute standout moment was visiting Louisiana, the museum for modern art (and arguably one of the best in the world). There, Brianna and I had a bit of argument about the tortoise and the hare (or as she put it, the turtle and the rabbit) and the story has a very prophetic ending. I’m not going to ruin it for you, but it is easily one of our funniest moments of the year!

VANCOUVER – 3 Hidden(ish) Gems near Vancouver(ish)

For me, this episode is filthy travel porn. Very different to our usual episodes, this video is more of a guide to some of the things you can do around Vancouver, and for me being the tourist, it highlights the best of Canada – pure, unadulterated beauty.

It starts with me falling out of a kayak into half a foot of water (it’s funnier than it sounds), and from there we go up the Sea to Sky Gondola before finishing off at Whytecliffe Park, one of those hidden(ish) gems that really is worth visiting.

With views like these, this is why I love Canada so much.

So, those were our favourite videos of 2016! What was your favourite video of ours though!? Please let us know in the comment box below!

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