Brian’s photos from around the world

Photography is such an unnatural medium to humans. No one looks at a single moment and freezes it in time; we all view things in real time as they move and flow around us. That’s why when a photograph encompasses a particular feeling it really makes you stop and study it. All of a sudden it embodies more than just that single moment frozen in the photo; it conveys an emotion and in-turn draws out an emotional response from the viewer.

This may sound arrogant but I don’t think above average photography can be learned. I think it’s a visceral skill that people have inside them. To be a good photographer you must know how to carry an emotion you feel into every single frame you take.

Two of my favourite countries for photography are South Sudan and India. South Sudan is just overflowing with emotion. Every person has gone through events in their past that are interesting and / or unsettling, which makes it very easy to take great photographs. The culture is just astonishingly beautiful.

Also, India is unbelievable for photography. Everywhere you look walking down the street is a scene from a movie – someone is yelling at someone else or cheering about a roadside game of cricket. It’s simply an in-your-face culture that cannot be missed.

These are just a few of my favourite photos from around the world.


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