There are a ton of great travel apps out there that can make life easier on the road. Here are our favourites:

SpanishDict – This app is indispensable when travelling through Central America, especially if you’re like us and not fluent in Spanish (or no where close to fluent). You can access the entire SpanishDict dictionary while offline, as well as a library of phrases broken up into categories like ‘Restaurant’, ‘Transportation’ and ‘Greetings & Introductions’.

What we love most: You can link to the SpanishDict website while using Wi-Fi, which gives other translations and complete conjugations for verbs.

Download – Apple / Android

Whether we like it or not, smartphones have become a part of travel

Triposo – This app has comprehensive guides to everywhere and anything. They are all accessible with Wi-Fi but the best part is that you can download them to your phone and have access to maps, site-seeing and restaurant suggestions while you’re on the go. It’s a great go-to tool if you’re in a pinch and often has historical information, which is great if you’re like us and usually like to skip guided tours.

What we love most: Downloadable guides to cities or countries means you don’t have to worry about whether or not you’ve got Wi-Fi.

Download – Apple / Android

Hostelworld – Using this app, you’re able to look into availability before you reach your next destination, check out reviews, pictures and see what amenities different hostels have to offer. It always shows the range of budget options in any given city or town. We don’t always book ahead, but if arriving late at night or if we know we’re going to a hot spot, being able to book with a few simple clicks means we can rest easy getting to our next destination.

What we love most: Choosing the time we will arrive from a drop down screen.

Download – Apple / Android

Macca enjoys over-sized phones

Duolingo – We needed a lot of help with our Spanish before heading out on this trip and Duolingo is one of the best language apps out there. It focuses on the basics, vocabulary you will find yourself using a lot, and most importantly on verb conjugation. There are different activities, which test memory, pronunciation and quick thinking. It’s something to start using before you head out on the road, but can be used the whole time to keep practicing.

What we love most: Once you feel comfortable, you can challenge your phone robot or other Duolingo users to speed rounds.

Download – Apple / Android

XE Currency Converter – This is essential when travelling from country to country in a short amount of time, like us. It gives up to date currency exchange rates for everywhere in the world. When you get to the border and the money changers are trying to get you to change with them, you can see pretty quickly whether you’re getting the tourist rate or the local rate.

What we love most: Automatic updates whenever you have Wi-Fi so the rates are always correct.

Download – Apple / Android

Music can make or break a long bus ride

Rdio – Having new music on the road is priceless and rdio is a cheap way to get up to date on albums. Listen to anything while connected to Wi-Fi or download full albums to your phone and access them anytime. Not only can you listen to full albums, you can make playlists of your favourites or search genres and keywords for playlists that other people have made.

What we love most: It’s only $9.99 (CAD) a month for unlimited use.

Download – Apple / Android

VSCOcam – This app is the photographer’s best friend. Its intuitive tools allows more precision when touching up photos on your phone. Not only is it a tool for editing, but you can create your own library and views others as well.

What we love most: The crop tool.

Download – Apple / Android


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Macca Sherifi and Brianna Wiens

Yeah, all the apps here are really useful on your travels. We hope you use them Marie!

Guest has got to be my current favourite, it’s a free app based on open source mapping. You download the app and add the country or countries that you wish to visit – you can then access the full maps off-line which was crucial for us last winter in Portugal. If you’re a little bit geeky of course you can join open maps and add or update maps to improve the reliability.


[…] Seven Apps We’re Using on the Road […]

Chris Stevens

I’ve been using the app Touchnote for the last few years now – it turns your smartphone pics into printed postcards! you can draft them offline too which gives me something to do on long haul flights and overnight buses!haha!

Gringo in Bolivia

Don’t forget google maps. Type “ok maps” and it will save the map for offline use. Combined with offline GPS and it’s the ultimate travellers navigation tool.


I would also add a good navigational app Spyglass. It works great when offline, assuming that you pre-download the maps that you need in advance. It shows your accurate coordinates and your current position on a map, allows to mark locations and waypoints, share your locations with friends and much more.