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I began dreaming of travel as soon as I finished high school. I read a novel by a native from British Columbia and his travels to India in the 1980’s, and upon finishing it vowed that I would one day go there. Of all places, I remember people asking “Why India?”

Considering that I had done no travelling before this, it seemed like an odd choice. I didn’t have an answer for them, other than the fact that I had read this book and something had just stuck with me. The vastness and diversity of the land was something I could have never dreamed up and it still sticks with me to this day.

It took me years to get there, and in the meanwhile, I was studying drama and working in the Vancouver industry. While I have spent a lot of time performing in my life, I was always drawn to taking a look at the bigger picture. Creating visual composition, whether on stage, on film or in a photo, has always come naturally to me.

I love to explore, see new faces and hear people’s stories. I find real people to be the most compelling and interesting, and often, more dramatic than a play or film. I learn so much from watching people do what they do best and listening to the moments in their lives that changed them. That’s why I’ve always been drawn to documentary, and why this trip is so meaningful for me. Hopefully I can show you some of the things that inspire me.


Brianna Wiens is an actor, director and photographer who has worked for a number of theatre companies over the years. She has also started a new drama programme in Bolivia as well as travelling all over the world.

  • Ishita Rathi

    It feels great to see my own country through someone else’s perspective and lens. I hope you liked India… the India which is raw, welcoming, loving and of course breathtaking. 🙂

    • Thank you, Ishita! India has a very special place in my heart and I will certainly be back one day.

    • Yes! All three of us completely love India!

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