Taking a look at the hottest up-and-coming trend in online marketing

The world of blogging and online marketing is constantly changing and evolving, and integration blogging is the latest up-and-coming trend in the industry.

Integration blogging is the use of a number of different types of content – namely videos, photos and copy – all from a number of different perspectives to deliver an all-inclusive article.

Macca Sherifi – author, blogger and photographer – said: “At An Adventurous World we made the conscious decision to get into integration blogging to give the end user everything they needed without having to look elsewhere.

“In today’s online landscape, you’ve only got one shot to get people’s attention; if not, that’s it, they’re gone, potentially forever.

“We wanted to ensure people were getting what they needed without thinking ‘I wish there was more’; we really want to deliver that next level of content.”

Macca And Brianna hanging out together at Teotihucan

An Adventurous World – the new travel video project from Brian Ceci, Macca Sherifi and Brianna Wiens – have published a number of integration blogging articles as they travel from Mexico down to Panama, and they don’t just want people to read about what they’re up to as in a tradition blog but to actually see it.

Macca continued: “For the past couple of years the one thing everyone’s been talking about is the rise of video. However, there almost seems to be a reluctance to get into it from bloggers. Producing video content isn’t like writing; it’s not like you can just pick up a pen and do it, but you have to be specifically trained.

“In Brian Ceci we have one of the best up-and-coming directors of photography in all of Canada, and we’re really trying to raise the bar of the blogging industry.”

Brian doing what he does best

Brianna Wiens – actress, director and producer – said: “We really want to create a niche for ourselves in the market. People are producing just videos, or just photos, or just articles, but there aren’t many independent bloggers who are doing all three.

“One thing that’s really struck us is it’s so much more efficient working together as a team. Collectively, we all bring something different to the table, otherwise we wouldn’t have been able to get into integration blogging at all.

“With our broad range of skills we saw an opportunity to be the cornerstone in the latest emerging trend in online marketing.”

Integration blogging is the use of different types of content - namely videos, photos & copy in one article - and it is the hottest trend in online marketing.

One of the greatest things about blogging is it is such an innovative market – independent bloggers are always looking at doing something different to get ahead of the competition – and this is a good example of next generation content. The question is, what’s going to be next?

Do you see integration blogging as the next trend in online marketing? As ever, we would love to hear your views!


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