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Sports Blogs & Sports Events

These are all of my sports blogs & sports events at An Adventurous World

I love all sports. It doesn’t matter it the snooker is on the telly or I’m in the stadium shouting at the rugby, I’ll watch anything.

Some of my favourite memories have been when I’ve combined travel and sports together. I was in Brisbane for the first Lions test in 2013 and the atmosphere was just incredible. I’ve also watched a cracking football match in Medellin, Colombia, in 2014 and then partied with the locals afterwards.

Every year I always try and go somewhere new to watch a different sports event and I think it’s a fascinating way to get to know a country.

So, if you’re like me then take a look at my sports blogs and some of my favourite sports events from around the world. Hopefully it’ll inspire you to do something different on your travel!