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Bosnia Travel Blogs

These are all of my Bosnia travel blogs at An Adventurous World

Bosnia is one of the most intriguing countries in Europe with its blend of Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian history, beautiful mountainscapes, medieval castles, wonderful waterfalls and cracking cuisine to boot.

Being the neighbour of the more popular Croatia, Bosnia is well worth visiting in it’s own right. It’s also home to one of the craziest and most adventurous things I’ve ever done – jumping off a huge 24-metre high bridge in Mostar! Only the craziest people even attempt this one!

It is also a fascinating country to travel around with loads of amazing sights and attractions. The capital of Sarajevo is a really vibrant city whereas places like Mostar are the cultural heartbeat.

Also, Bosnia is a surprise winter destination with very cheap skiing. Just another reason to travel there!