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Belgium Travel Blogs

These are all of my Belgium travel blogs at An Adventurous World

When I think of Belgium I think of 3 things – chips, chocolate and beer. Have those 3 things in a day while travelling around Belgium and it’s a great day.

Saying that, Antwerp has the razzle dazzle of diamonds and fashion. Bruges is all canals and is one of the cutest towns you’ll ever see. And Brussels is crammed full of amazing architecture. Oh, and it’s the home of Tintin!

Most people start their Belgium adventure in the capital of Brussels but I really recommend getting into the countryside. Flanders is home to Leuven (home of Stella Artois), the lovely town of Ghent and one of Europe’s best festivals – Rock Werchter. I went a couple of times at uni and loved it!

Many people think Belgium is “boring” though. No no no, Belgium is far from boring. Once you travel there you’ll see what I mean.

Take a look at all my Belgium travel blogs and hopefully you’ll be inspired to travel to Belgium!