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Atlas Super Club: The Hottest Club in Canggu, Bali

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Are you looking for a night like no other? Then check out the Atlas Super Club in Canggu, Bali’s hottest club to visit!

atlas super club

Bali is one of those destinations that’s always at the top of people’s bucket lists. I remember when I first visited in 2009. Then it was this sleepy island with beautiful beaches, lush waterfalls and sacred temples. However, one thing Bali was always famous for, way before I first visited, was its parties. If you wanted a good party, you’d head to Bali.

Today, the island is unrecognisable. Home to digital nomads and luxury holidaymakers, Bali is now a very glitzy and glamourous place to visit. What’s the one thing it’s retained? Well, it’s still is one of the best places in the world to party, and the latest place to do it is in the biggest nightclub in Bali.

This place is mega – if you’re looking for a good time in Bali, you know you’ll find it here.

Where is Atlas Super Club?

canggu party 2
Whoop whoop! It’s time to party!

Nestled in the vibrant heart of Canggu and set back just off the beach, Atlas Super Club isn’t just your run-of-the-mill nightclub; it’s a visual wonderland that will transport you to a different realm.

This venue is renowned for its awe-inspiring hydraulic LED displays. These create amazing light displays around the signature oversize gears as you’re partying on the dancefloor. Add in a breathtaking array of 1,000 laser lights and the night is painted with a kaleidoscope of colours. I mean, who doesn’t love a light display, right?

The main room is like an old-school warehouse with a balcony running around the second floor. It’s a bit like the Printworks in London and the old Hacienda club in Manchester. You know, only in Bali.

Obviously it’s not just about the lights and the lasers though, you need good music!

What type of music is at the Atlas Super Club?

canggu party
There’s something for everyone here

In a word, dance. But it’s a lot more than that. There are fun themed nights throughout the week, so there’s something for everyone.

From the infectious beats of Afro and Amapiano music on Mondays to the magnetic allure of Hip Hop Ladies Night on Tuesdays, there’s a musical journey for every taste. Wednesdays are all about getting lost in the jungle with Jungle and Dirty Dutch beats, while Thursdays transform the venue into a House and Melodic Techno paradise.

Then the weekend it’s a free-for-all with some brilliant DJs spinning the decks. If you’ve been to Canggu before, you know everyone heads out on a Friday or Saturday night. Well, this is one of the places to do it in.

biggest super club in bali
This is the private room at LVL3

One of the hidden treasures within Atlas Super Club is LVL3, an exclusive private space that offers a truly unique experience. At LVL3, you’ll have the privilege of savouring cocktails crafted at a private bar, sinking into plush sofas that beckon you to unwind, enjoying a curated selection of tunes spun by your personal DJ, and sharing intimate moments with your friends in a space that feels like a secret hideaway.

And if you’re worried about service, then don’t. If you’ve got your own private room to party in, naturally you’ve got your own private butler to look after you. A night at LVL3 really is a night to remember!

Food at the Atlas Super Club

indonesian chicken
You can even get food inside the club!

One thing mega clubs are starting to do more and more these days is serve food. It used to be that clubbers would rock up at midnight and party till 5am, but it’s all moved forward nowadays. That means you can grab a bit to eat before hitting the dancefloor.

At the Atlas Super Club, their menu features culinary delights like the Glorious Geprek, an Indonesian sensation that boasts smashed chicken with a bold and spicy sauce. It’s crispy and delicious.

flaming cocktails
This is the infamous flaming cocktail

If you’re looking for a drink that’s as visually stunning as it is enjoy, then don’t miss the Cocktail Flamettes. This is a signature drink infused that’s set on fire that adds a touch of magic to your night. Don’t worry, you don’t have to drink it while it’s burning!

As I said, Bali’s always had a reputation that does back decades for parties. Well, now with super clubs like this one, they have world-class places to do it in. So if you’re looking for somewhere to party in Bali, then check out the Atlas Super Club. It’ll be a night you’ll never forget!

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Get ready for a memorable Bali experience at Atlas! Booking via www.atlasbeachfest.com or contact them via WhatsApp at +62 811-1908-2168

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