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13 Coolest Hotels in Athens, Greece

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Views of ancient ruins, vibrant murals, on-site agoras, or roaring art-deco aesthetics – it’s time to explore the coolest hotels in Athens!

coolest hotels in athens

I love Greece. Hey, who doesn’t, right? It’s one of those countries where you’ve got everything: island after island, home to white sand beaches, dramatic cliffs and lapping shores.

Then you’ve got the mainland, the perfect example of a place where old meets new. Sprawling cities and ancient ruins. Especially its capital city, Athens.

I’ve been to Athens a few times over the years, and you know what? It’s a place I’ll keep on returning to. Every time I go, I discover something new. It’s one of those places.

If you’re planning to visit , you’ll love this blog: we’re unpacking the coolest hotels in Athens. These are the best places to stay in the city.

athens cool hotels
I absolutely love Athens. It’s one of my favourite cities in Europe!

I’ve picked out a mix of reliable favourites and really cool looking spots where I’m planning to stay next time. 

This list of Athens hotels has a blend of luxury 5-star options as well as some more quirky, budget-friendly hot spots, so there’s something for everyone. Oh, and don’t forget to bookmark this article for future trips too!

If you’ve only got 24 hours in the city, then check out my 1 day guide and what to eat in Athens. Or alternatively, if you’re heading further afield, these are some of the best days trips from Athens.

Where to stay in Athens

where to stay in athens
Athens is a city that perfectly blends the old with the new

Before we get into the hotels, we need to get to know the different neighbourhoods that make up this Greek city. Here are six to get started.

Plaka: Plaka is the oldest district of Athens. Lying in the shadow of the Acropolis, it’s most likely the one you’ll recognise from travel photos. Despite feeling like a small village, it’s home to the most iconic monuments. For simple sightseeing, I’d definitely recommend staying in Plaka.

Psirri: Psirri is a cheaper yet up-and-coming neighbourhood. It’s also the best for partying and nightlife – you’ll find tons of clubs and taverns here. Stay in Psirri for cheaper accommodation or night life. 

Monastiraki: Monastiraki is picturesque with sweeping neoclassical architecture. It’s another central spot, home to ancient sites and the famous open air flea market. Most major attractions are walking distance away.

athens street art
There’s so much cool street art dotted around the city

Kolonaki: If you want to stay in one of the more upscale areas of Athens, head to Kolonaki. This is one of the wealthier parts of the city: you’ll find tons of luxury boutiques and upmarket restaurants.

Exarcheia: Exarcheia is known as the alternative, political hub of Athens. Here, you’ll find everything from street art to lively bars to cool vintage stores, as well as the odd protest. Stay in Exarcheia for best-value accommodation.

Syntagma: Fun fact: Syntagma is the modern Greek word for ‘constitution’. This checks out because Syntagma is the central square of Athens, best known for its dramatic neoclassical buildings, and the fact that it’s where you’ll find Parliament.

Coolest Hotels in Athens 

Luxury Hotels

Gatsby Athens

Gatsby Athens 1
Gatsby Athens 2

A list of the coolest hotels in Athens wouldn’t be complete without this one. As the name suggests, it clearly takes inspiration from the novel and the roaring twenties which literature fans will love. It’s also art-deco inspired – really vibrant and fun with warm lighting and lots of hanging plants.

Gatsby Athens is a good choice for amenities too, with a fitness centre, terrace, restaurant and bar. Plus, its concierge service and tour desk make exploring easy.

Electra Metropolis

best hotels in athens with a view
Electra Metropolis 2

If you want to feel bougie, head on down to Electra Petropolis. 

I’ll set the scene: you clamber up to the rooftop terrace, you settle into the rooftop pool (with waterfall effects to boot) and the ripple of the water cools you against the glare of the Greek sun. Oh, and panoramic Acropolis views spread out over the horizon.

This is one of the more luxurious hotels in Athens. Inside, its contemporary style reflects the city’s split between past and present. Picture bespoke modern art installations, then imagine fragments of ancient city walls, still preserved in certain rooms.

Perianth Hotel

luxury hotels in ahtens
Perianth Hotel 2

Perianth Hotel is another great option in terms of location. It’s actually located in Syntagma, specifically near Agias Eirinis Square. This is one of the coolest places in downtown Athens, with an impressive and looming church as well as loads of local cafes and shops – ideal for stepping out and getting your coffee in the morning.

This is a good choice if you want to get your relaxation on too because it shares its building with the Zen Center Athens. Inspired by Eastern philosophy, this institution is devoted to meditation, yoga, and martial arts.

Hellenic Vibes Smart Hotel

Hellenic Vibes Smart Hotel 1
Hellenic Vibes Smart Hotel 2

I like a 5-star hotel. I like knowing that I can expect quality customer service and a decent night of shut-eye.

But I also like a laid-back feel. I don’t always want something overly grand, and Hellenic Vibes Smart Hotel is the best of both worlds. It’s sleek and stylish but still feels warm and welcoming.

You’ll find this particular hotel in Monastiraki, steps from the square. Thanks to the huge, colourful murals outside, you can’t miss it.

New Hotel

New Hotel 1
New Hotel 2

New Hotel is in Plaka, and I’d say it definitely counts as one of the coolest hotels in Athens. Its whole premise is closing the distance between old and new. 

See, it’s set in a decades-old building. If you rewind back to the 1950s, it was known as the Olympic Palace Hotel, and the ‘New’ Hotel (get it?) repurposes original fixtures and fittings, including a pretty iconic black marble staircase. 

This is blended with contemporary design put together by award-winning Brazilian designers. They’ve decked the place out with quirky furnishings and pop art so there’s a real contrast – much like the city of Athens itself. 

Mid-Range Hotels

Ergon House Athens

Ergon House Athens 1
Ergon House Athens 2

Ergon House is undoubtedly one of the best Athens hotels for foodies. It’s a celebration of Greek cuisine and culinary culture.

See, Ergon House isn’t just a hotel. It’s actually located above a sprawling food marketplace – pretty much a modern day agora. Here, you’ll find all sorts. It’s got, deep breath: a butcher’s, a fishmonger’s, a greengrocer’s, a bakery, a delicatessen, a roastery, a bar and a Greek restaurant. Whew, that’s a mouthful.

It’s not all about the food. Upstairs, the hotel is kitted out in a really beautiful, warm design. Location-wise, you’re in Plaka, so you’re golden.

(Psst, foodies – find out what to eat in Athens in my food guide.)

The Modernist

cool hotels athens
The Modernist Athens 2

The Modernist is housed in Kolonaki, in the former Canadian embassy. That’s it, that’s the description.

I’m kidding, but that should set your expectations. The Modernist is sleek and minimalist with an elegant, sophisticated design. Design is a big part of it – head to the website and you’ll see an interesting ‘find your fit’ theme around the rooms, which come labelled like clothes: S, M, L, XL, ‘tailored’ to your needs. 


Periscope 1
Periscope 2

Periscope is another concept hotel, this time inspired by the idea of ‘surveillance’ – so the name is fairly fitting! 

Throughout this minimalist hotel (located in Kolonaki, so you already know it’s fancy) you’ll find lots of ways to ‘scan’ Athens. This could be through viewpoints, or more likely, through aerial photography and art installations. 

Colors Hotel Athens

Colours Hotel 1
Colours Hotel 2

The clue’s in the name with Colors Hotel: located in Exarcheia, this is one of the coolest hotels in Athens with fun, art-inspired decor throughout. I’m talking brightly painted walls, quirky decorations, and original art pieces. 

It’s also a bit more casual than some of the other hotels listed here, with lots of budget-friendly rooms that don’t compromise on quality and great customer service.

Budget Hotels

Moon And Stars Athens

best boutique hotels in ahtens
Moon And Stars Athens 2

Moon And Stars (who else loves the name?) is new to the list of Athens hotels – it only opened in 2020, a new addition to a cool art deco building based in Psirri. That’s something its owners have leaned into with a lovely vivid design with bright, bold bedrooms. 

The location is great too: you’re a stone’s throw from landmarks like the Ancient Agora of Athens and the Temple of Hephaestus. After a busy day of exploring, head back to base and chill out on the terrace, or in the jacuzzi.

Niki Athens Hotel

Niki Athens Hotel 1
Niki Athens Hotel 2

Vegans, this one’s for you. Niki Athens is an eco-friendly and vegan hotel; there’s a real focus on sustainability here and it’s great to see more options for people who might normally struggle with their diets when travelling, especially since it has a plant-based restaurant on-site. 

Green credentials aside, you’re located in Syntagma, 500 metres from the Acropolis, so the location is great, with comfortable, warm design.

Urban Frame Plaka

Urban Frame Plaka 1
Urban Frame Plaka 2

One of the big bonuses of staying somewhere like Plaka is the city views, and Urban Frame is great because that’s exactly what you get. Lots of the bedrooms in this contemporary style hotel overlook various parts of the city – some even have a terrace. The location naturally means it’s great for exploring, and the concierge service and tour desk certainly help. At the end of the day, chill out in the hotel’s lounge or bar.

Hermes Hotel

Hermes Hotel 1
Hermes Hotel 2

Want to visit Athens but don’t want to bust the bank? No problemo. Hermes Hotel is a much more affordable, budget-friendly option. Since it’s based in Plaka you’ve still got super easy access to everything you might need, and you can save your pennies for a bit more exploring. 

Don’t be fooled by the lower prices, either – the rooms are comfortable and you’ve got on-site amenities like a spacious lounge and a roof garden to enjoy those warm Greek evenings.

So there you have it folks, the coolest hotels in Athens! Have any of these made it onto your bucket list? Is there a particular hotel you love that I’ve missed? Tell me all about it in the comments.

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13 Coolest Hotels in Athens, Greece

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