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Travel Photos and Photo Essays


These are all of my travel photos and photo essays at An Adventurous World

Photos and photography are a huge part of what I do every day here at An Adventurous World.

I remember on my first round the world trip in 2009 buying a half decent camera, and it was on that trip that I completely fell in love with photography. These days, I like my photography to be completely immersive, I want you to feel like you’re there with me.

Photography is all about capture a moment in time, a moment that will never be there again. With that in mind, some of my favourite shoots from around the world are 16 photos that’ll make you want to visit Copenhagen, a look at the best street art in Valparaiso, and of course a few of my best shots from around the world.

Not only do I want to inspire you to travel to new and exciting places, I want you to be inspired to take photos along the way. I love giving photography tips as much as I can. That’s why I’ve written a few articles on finding artistic style, where the light leads us and why you should frame everything to help you take those perfect travel photos.