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Camera Gear for Travel Bloggers

These are all of my blogs about camera gear & equipment at An Adventurous World

Are you looking for the best camera gear for travel bloggers? Then this is the perfect page for you!

I’ve always said it, I’m happiest exploring new places with a camera in one hand and music in my ears. For me, I just love discovering a destination through a viewfinder and I think it’s such an amazing way to get to know a place.

With photography, it’s a bit of a bottomless pit with money. As soon as you buy one piece of kit you’ll want to buy another – I know that’s what I’m like anyway!

As a bit of a photography geek I genuinely love talking about camera gear and giving advice on what equipment to buy.

To help you take some amazing photos, this is what camera gear I use for travelling and why I use it

Hopefully you’ll find a few of these blogs useful to step up your photography game!