Seeing Sweden for the first time

I planned to visit some friends in Sweden for a very long time, and when the time finally came, I couldn’t wait to capture this strange and mysterious country.

It was amazing to see friends I haven’t seen in ages, and to completely immerse myself in Scandinavian culture, especially at Christmas.

Even though I come from Canada, seeing Sweden for the first time at Christmas, in the cold, was something special. To me, it made it even more magical.

Chasing shadows in Sweden

In a couple of weeks I managed to see Malmö, Höllviken and Stockholm, and I was surprised at how different all three cities were.

In the short two weeks I was there, the sun only came out a handful of times, and only for a very short period of a few hours in winter. Lucky for me, I had a chance to walk around and document everything.

To my Svenska vänner!

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