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13 BEST Day Trips from Valencia, Spain

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Exploring underground caves by kayak, soaking in hot springs and seeing Roman ruins – these are the best day trips from Valencia!

day trips from valencia

Valencia doesn’t get enough love in my opinion. Too often I see people prioritise the bigger Spanish cities like Madrid and Barcelona. They flock to the Spanish islands, or cultural capitals like Seville, and miss out on this gem on the east coast.

Well they’re missing out, because Valencia is on of my favourite cities in Spain. The architecture is incredible, there’s loads to see and do, and it’s home to the paella too. I really can’t recommend visiting this city enough.

If you’re spending a long weekend or week in the city, there are some fantastic day trips from Valencia that I’d suggest too. It’s really easy getting out the city and exploring more of the Spanish countryside.

valencia day trips
I really can’t recommend this part of Spain enough

In this article we’ll be going from underground caves to beach towns, to ancient walled cities complete with castles. There really is something for everyone here. Also, wait until you see the oasis at Montanejos – it’s so stunning.

I really hope this helps plan your trip to Valencia and this part of Spain. Don’t forget to bookmark this page so you can keep adding things to your Spanish bucket list!

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Best Day Trips from Valencia


places to visit near valencia
This is such a beautiful place to visit

Best known for the looming mediaeval castle that towers above it, Xátiva is a small city at the foot of a mountain. 

With ancient winding streets, it’s rich in history has been immortalised at a number of local museums and galleries. It’s also the birthplace of one of the Borgia popes, who remain infamous for corruption, scandal and nepotism (the more you know!).

The castle is of course the main attraction and can be reached on foot in about 30 minutes. It’s a beautiful walk, but try to go early in the morning before it gets too hot, or it’s a killer. You can get to Xátiva by car in an hour, or by train within 40 minutes. For me, this place is a must when looking for places to visit near Valencia.


This is the perfect place to cool off on a hot summer’s day

Montanejos is one of the most popular Valencia day trips, and for good reason: the thermal springs. These are what Montanejos is most famous for, and I can confirm that they live up to the hype.

The surroundings to the thermal springs are pretty spectacular too, and that’s part of the charm. You’ve got rugged cliffs and picturesque green hills, both of which make Montanejos a great spot for hiking, as well as the river running through it. 

Montanejos is difficult to get to by public transport, so I’d recommend driving – it’ll take you an hour and a half from Valencia. If you can’t, all is not lost: book this thermal springs and waterfall day trip, or join a guided hiking tour if walks are more your jam.

Albufera Natural Park 

albufera natural park 
This is a great place to go hiking

Fun fact: most of the rice for paella, the dish Valencia is famous for, is sourced from the Albufera Natural Park. This beautiful stretch of land is probably best known for the expansive lake – it’s actually the largest in Spain. I’d highly recommend visiting for the tranquil boat ride alone.

To reach Albufera, it’s a mere 20 minute drive. However, this is also one of the most popular Valencia tours so it’s easy to arrange a day trip.


day trips around valencia
This is a beautiful little mountain town near Valencia

You’ll find Chulilla nestled into the mountains, on the edge of Chera-Sot de Chera Natural Park. And if its location gives you high hopes, you’re in luck: it’s one of the prettiest towns in the region.

Chulilla is ideal for outdoor enthusiasts as there’s loads to do. You’ve got the Túria River Canyon, Hanging Bridges, and the famous Blue Pool (Charco Azul). 

Home to lots of limestone surfaces, it’s also one of the best places for rock climbing in Spain. There are hundreds of routes for all abilities, but if you prefer to keep your feet firmly planted on the ground, you’re spoiled for choice in terms of hiking routes too. 

There’s no public transport to Chulilla, but it’s only an hour away by car. If that’s not an option, you can book a guided day trip where all the transport is taken care for you.


where to go near valencia
I just love places like this in Spain

We’re all in agreement that walled cities are objectively cool, right? Well, that’s what you’ll find in Morella. 

This is a gorgeous little place packed full of history. There’s tons to see that’ll leave you feeling as though you’ve been plunged back in time: the Santa Luciá Aqueduct, Porta de Sant Miquel, or my particular favourite, the Morella la Vella cave paintings (now a UNESCO World Heritage site).

Oh, did I forget to mention the castle? Yeah, you can’t miss it. It towers over the city from the top of a hill. Like several of the day trips from Valencia I’ve mentioned, Morella is best reached by car, which will take you two hours, or through a guided tour if you haven’t got a car.


valencia day tours
Just look at the colour of that water!

Speaking of cool cities, I can’t not mention Peñíscola. This is a coastal town, known nowadays as the setting of Meereen in Game of Thrones.

Here you’ll find the beautiful beaches of Pebret and Norte, as well as a historic, ancient old town within the city limits. One of my favourite things about it is the views. Look out towards the coast and sea, or the lavender and olive trees of Artillery Park. 

While you can reach Peñíscola through a combination of bus and train, it’s easiest to drive or take a day trip. This particular tour visits both Morella and Peñíscola in one day, so it’s a great shout if you’re pressed for time.

Caves of San José

best tours near valencia
Honestly, I can’t get enough of these caves

Another of my favourite Valencia tours is the Caves of San José. This is another UNESCO World Heritage Site, and it comprises a series of beautiful caves. Most of them hang over the longest navigable river in Europe, so most of your exploration will be via kayak, save for 250 metres on foot.

The caves are a 40 minute drive from Valencia, or you can book a day trip. I can’t recommend this tour enough. I think it’s one of the best tours near Valencia, so definitely add this one to your itinerary.


day trips from valencia by bus
Sagunto is very close to Valencia

One of the places I’d recommend most highly if you’re a history buff is Sagunto. It’s got everything you could possibly want. Tons of museums, a castle, plus it’s packed with Roman ruins and a Roman theatre.

Sagunto is super easy to get to – hop on the train and you’ll be there in 35 minutes. This is one of the quickest day trips from Valencia by train, so if you’re short on time then this one is for you.


utiel requena
Did someone say wine?

Spanish wine doesn’t stop at Rioja. Utiel-Requena is a wine region near Valencia home to tons of vineyards, plus the two towns Utiel and Requena (hence the name).

I’d recommend visiting Requena in particular. Not only can you visit the local wineries but you can also explore the Villa de Requena caves. Requena can be reached by train from Valencia, but you can also book a guided tour if you’d like to go wine tasting. Personally, I’d recommend the tour – then you can leave the car at the hotel and enjoy yourself drinking your way through all the Spanish vineyards.


Albarracín is well known as one of Spain’s prettiest villages

Albarracín is one of the further out day trips from Valencia – it’s a two hour drive. But if you have the time and energy I’d highly recommend it. 

Albarracín is well known as one of Spain’s prettiest villages. It’s packed out with old architecture and is genuinely pretty enough for a postcard (or in this day and age, a pinned post on Instagram). It’s surrounded by sweeping valleys and nature and has loads of hikes to check out too. 

There are no public transport links to Albarracín, so it’s one if you’ve hired a car.


Out of season Bunol is very quiet and sedate

If you’ve heard of Buñol before I’m betting it’s because of its famous festival, La Tomatina, which is essentially the world’s biggest food fight. It attracts people from all over the world, so if you’re visiting Valencia in August, you may as well go and experience it.

If not, though, there’s lots you can get up to. Buñol is home to a castle and some of the best hikes in the area, including a fair few waterfall trails.

You can reach Buñol in an hour by train. Again, I really liked this place – it’s definitely got a lot more going for it than just La Tomatina.


This is a very relaxing beach destination near Valencia

No matter what country I find myself in, I always love a coastal town. Cullera is a small city which certainly delivers, and it’s only a 35 minute train ride away from Valencia.

As well as hosting some of the best beaches in eastern Spain, in Cullera you’ll also find attractions such as its castle, a botanical garden, and some cool museums.


alicante day trip from valencia
It’s quite far but Alicante as a day trip from Valencia is possible

Alicante is another Valencia day trip that’ll require you to go the distance, but it’s definitely worth it (especially if you want to tick off another major Spanish city). In an ideal world, you’d actually need a few days as there’s so much to do, but you can squeeze in the highlights in a few hours.

What to focus on depends on your interest. For history and architecture, check out Santa Bárbara castle, the basilica, the cathedral and Alicante’s range of museums. For delicacies, head to Central Market. For views or a more relaxed vibe, it’ll have to be the beach, parks, and gardens.

Alicante is a fair distance away, but there are lots of options to get there. Catch a bus or get the train in around 2 hours, or make the drive by car in just under two hours.

And that’s about it from me! Have you visited any of these yet? Or is there a tour or day trip that you think I’ve missed? Either way, give me a shout in the comments.

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13 BEST Day Trips from Valencia, Spain

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