Are you looking for your next British summer holiday destination? Then check out these photos of Cornwall – from St Ives to the Bedruthan Steps, this is why you should visit Cornwall this year

I love Cornwall, and every time I visit Cornwall I love it a little bit more. Hopefully these photos of Cornwall will show you why!

When it comes to British summer holiday destinations, you really can’t beat the south west of England. Cornwall always takes my number one spot though.

Coming from Colchester, the best beaches I had growing up were the pebble beaches of Clacton and Frinton. I can assure you neither place makes you excited to be going to the beach (unless it’s for a Mr Whippy of course).

Yet Cornwall actually has beaches – proper beaches with sand and not stones. Not only that, there are loads of gorgeous beaches to play on, they’re everywhere in Cornwall.

Photos of Cornwall
Photos of Cornwall

Last year I was shooting a video for the Telegraph in Cornwall and I visited St Ives, St Austell and Charlestown.

St Ives is one of those places that seems straight out of an old fashioned English novel, the ones where a boy feels trapped living in a small fishing village, endlessly staring at the horizon wishing he could one day see the world only to realise decades later he had paradise on his doorstep. You know, one of those places.

I thought St Ives was one of the cutest places in the UK. That was until I came across Port Issac on my most recent trip to Cornwall.

This is the video I filmed for the Telegraph Travel in Cornwall:

Port Issac and the Bedruthan Steps

Port Issac is a tiny little fishing village somehow carved into the coast of Cornwall.

Despite the fact that you can walk around the place in about five minutes, Port Issac has a huge reputation with so much going for it.

Port Issac is a bit of a foodie destination with the Michelin-starred Restaurant Nathan Outlaw, and his other restaurant Outlaw’s Fish Kitchen is amazing too. There are also cute cafes and ice-cream shops everywhere. And of course its got one of the most gorgeous views in Cornwall.

Port Issac, Cornwall

Another place that completely blew me away on my most recent trip to Cornwall were the Bedruthan Steps.

When I was researching photos of Cornwall, I knew this place existed. However, nothing could prepare me for seeing them for the first time – they were that beautiful.

They say a picture tells a 1,000 words, and I feel photos of the Bedruthan Steps says it all.

They almost look like the 12 Apostles in Australia, but you know, only British.

Bedruthan Steps, Cornwall

The Bedruthan Steps is a small stretch of coastline in Cornwall with jagged cliffs jutting out of the sea. It is very raw and rugged and you can just imagine pirates using this place as a smugglers cove.

The beach here is stunning too, though make sure you check when low-tide is otherwise you’ll only be able to see if from the cliffs above.

Beach at the Bedruthan Steps, Cornwall

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To me, this is what British summer holidays are all about!

Photos of Cornwall

Protruding rocks just around the corner of Crantock Beach

Crantock Bay, Cornwall

The view of the beach at St Ives

St Ives, Cornwall

Walking down the Bedruthan Steps

Steps at the Bedruthan Steps, Cornwall

Even the Eden Project has something about it

Eden Project, Cornwall

Strolling along the length of Perranporth Beach

Perranporth Beach, Cornwall

The view overlooking Watergate Bay

Watergate Bay, Cornwall

Walking around Charlestown is like stepping back in time

Charlestown, Cornwall

The view of Fistral Beach, without a doubt one of the most beautiful and most popular in all of Cornwall

Fistrall Beach, Cornwall

Even the rocks look beautiful in Cornwall

Cornwall coastline

Climbing over rocks at the Bedruthan Steps

Beach at the Bedruthan Steps, Cornwall

Looking down on Port Issac

Port Issac, Cornwall

Swimming at Perranporth Beach

Perranporth Beach, Cornwall

The Heligan Gardens is a must on any trip to Cornwall too

Heligan Gardens, Cornwall

Surfers at St Ives

Surfers at St Ives

Standing atop the cliffs overlooking the Bedruthan Steps

Cliffs at Bedruthan Steps, Cornwall

Where are some of your favourite places to visit in Cornwall? Do you have a favourite beach at all? Make sure you let me know in the comments below!

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