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Skiing Blogs & Travel Skiing Ideas

These are all of my skiing blogs & travel skiing ideas at An Adventurous World

So I’ve only come to skiing very late in life. Instead of going skiing with my family or on school trips to the mountains, I was off on some other adventures around the world. That meant the first time I actually went skiing was aged 30!

From the moment I hit the slopes though I absolutely loved it. There’s nothing quite like skiing over fresh powder pushing yourself to the limit. Add in partying apres ski and relaxing in a spa afterwards and you’ve got yourself the perfect winter holiday.

Even though I’m still very much a beginner I’ve been skiing in Zermatt in Switzerland and in the French Alps too. Now that I can call myself a skier though I can’t wait to see what the skiing like is in other countries too.

If you love skiing then take a look at my skiing blogs and travel skiing ideas. Hopefully it’ll inspire you to hit the slopes somewhere new!