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The Best Things to do at Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam

Take a look at some of the amazing things you can do at Schiphol Airport, without a doubt one of the best airports in the world

The Ultimate List of Things to do at Schiphol Airport

Have you heard the news yet? Lounge two at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam has just reopened up and it’s ready for business! Whoop whoop!

With six runways, Schiphol Airport has always been one of the busiest airports in the world serving over 60 million passengers a year worldwide. But now that it’s recently renovated and reopened lounge two it’s arguably the best airport in the world too.

From the digital Heineken bar to eating poffertjes (small pancakes) to bikes, cheese and tulips dotted around everywhere, the new lounge is a celebration of everything Dutch.

Lounge 2 at Schiphol Airport
Lounge 2 at Schiphol Airport

Also, for those tech junkies among you, they’ve got more plug sockets and USB ports than you can handle, and there’s loads of work spaces if you need to work in-between flight connections at Schiphol Airport.

One of the best things about the new lounge two at Schiphol Airport is how close everything is.

If you’re flying into gate D, you can get off the plane and have a beer in your hand in under ten minutes.

Then it’s only 20-minute train ride before you’re in the centre of Amsterdam to carry on the party! Happy days!

Anyway, I thought I’d give you an inside look at the ultimate list of things to do at Schiphol Airport. You’ll never be bored at the airport again!

Find the man in the clock at Schiphol Airport and say hi

Man in the clock at Schiphol Airport

Check out some of the most expensive drinks in the world at Exquisite (as a cost comparison, there’s a bottle of champagne AND a bottle of whisky to sell for 150,000 EACH)

Exquisite whisky

Work out where your next holiday is going to be

Globe at Schiphol Airport

And see if you can get the airport code to match it (don’t forget to look up!)

Airport codes at Schiphol Airport

Stuck for inspiration? No worries! Just get yourself over to the travel section!

Travel section at Schiphol Airport

Find the secret Johnnie Walker whisky bar and learn all about the sweet stuff (top tip – it’s upstairs!)

Johnnie Walker House, Schiphol Airport

And if you like it, don’t forget to pick up a bottle of Black Label!

Johnnie Walker

Tuck into some tasty Asian food at the Kebaya Brasserie (the ramen is to die for!)

Kebaya Brasserie, Schiphol Airport

Then indulge in some Belgian chocolates and champagne from Cafe Coco. Come on, you’ve deserved it

Cafe Coco, Schiphol Airport

See if you’re the big dog in town… then find out you’re not

Big dog at Schiphol Airport

Feel like a big kid again at the Nemo science centre (and trust me, this isn’t just for kids!)

Nemo science centre, Schiphol Airport

Looking for food at Schiphol Airport? Then go for the best burgers in town at Taste from the Lowlands

Burgers, Taste from the Lowlands

Or if you fancy something a little healthier, perhaps some fruit and a juice?

Fruit market at Schiphol Airport

But don’t forget to pick up some M&Ms! Everyone loves M&Ms!

M&M store, Schiphol Airport

If you consider yourself to be Mozart then go and have a tinkle on the piano

Piano at Schiphol Airport

Or perhaps you’d just like to find a quiet spot in the library and catch up on a good book at Schiphol Airport

Library at Schiphol Airport

Looking for a place to stay near Schiphol Airport? Forget that! Stay IN the airport! Yotel is gate side making it one of the most convenient airport hotels ever

Yotel Air, Schiphol Airport

And if you want to relax and start your holiday early, go to the wellness centre and have a spa treatment. Mmmm, bliss…

Spa at Schiphol Airport

Finally, go shopping at Schiphol Airport and pick up a souvenir of your time in Amsterdam (I’d recommend a Miffy doll!)

Souvenir shop, Schiphol Airport

Sit back, enjoy the flight, and think about where you’re going to fly to next

KLM wing

And as you’re flying back to the UK thinking about the amazing time you’ve just had, look out the window and try and work out what these strange bright lights are…

Greenhouses over the Netherlands

So, there you have it, the ultimate list of things to do at Schiphol Airport. Use this and you’ll never be bored Schiphol Airport again!

Return flights from London to Amsterdam Schiphol with KLM cost as little as £88 and only takes 45 minutes, perfect for a weekend break or flying onto any other destination around the world.

Also, check out Hand Luggage Only’s awesome video on the 12 Unexpected Things to do in Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. It should give you an insight into what it’s really like there!

What are some of your favourite things to do at Schiphol Airport? I’d love to hear what you get up at the airport so make sure you post in the comment box below!

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Flying to Amsterdam? Then take a look at the ultimate list of things to do at Schiphol Airport and you'll never be bored again!

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Monday 17th of June 2019

That was a cool post Macca, thank you for that! Your video helped to explore the unexplored places. Taking inspiration from you, I created a picture video of my layover at Schipol. Let me know if you liked it :)

Macca Sherifi

Thursday 11th of July 2019

Thanks Prateek, I'm really happy to hear that! I liked your video too - really highlight some of the top things to do in the airport!


Wednesday 7th of December 2016

Nicely timed for me as I fly out of Schiphol on Monday! I am going to use this as a guide.

Macca Sherifi

Wednesday 7th of December 2016

That's awesome! You'll love it there - this post pretty much covers all bases so enjoy!