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Backpacking Blogs

These are all of my backpacking blogs at An Adventurous World

If there’s one thing I know inside out it’s backpacking. From hitchhiking across Canada to sleeping in train stations in India, I’ve roughed it across the world. I first went backpacking in Thailand when I was 20 and since then I’ve clocked up years on the road.

The thing about backpacking is it does get a lot easier the longer you spend on the road. There are all these little tricks you pick up like how to pack a backpack and what’s the best time to travel in the day. All of these add up and make such a big difference to your trip.

With that in mind, here’s one of my favourite blogs on how to meet people while travelling. And another (more controversial) blog I like is the difference between tourists and travellers.

No matter where you’re about to go backpacking you’ll find loads of handy travel advice and tips here!