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17 Photos of Dresden That’ll Make You Want to Visit Immediately

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From the Church of our Lady to the Old Market Square, here are 17 photos of Dresden, Germany, that’ll make you want to visit immediately!

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The one thing that I absolutely loved about taking photos of Dresden was the architecture. I am a sucker for old baroque architecture and classical buildings.

Wherever you walk around the streets of Dresden you come across ornate cathedrals and old-fashioned palisades. You walk under seemingly ancient arches and along time-worn cobblestoned streets.

The thing is, it’s not ancient, it’s not time-worn. Despite looking like a city that’s been around for centuries, Dresden’s restoration is relatively new and modern.

And even though the scars of World War II are still felt today in Germany, there is a new sense of beauty and peace in Dresden, one that’s difficult to find anywhere else.

To give you an idea, watch the second half of my video below. It should give you an idea of what Dresden today looks like:

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Visiting Dresden today

Dresden’s skyline of towers, spires and domes looks like it’s been unchanged for centuries. This is the place that Italian master Canaletto immortalized it as a “Florence on the Elbe”.

That makes it all the harder getting your head around the fact that this city was flattened by Allied bombings in 1945. It’s the sad truth of the war – the casualties weren’t just people but towns and buildings too.

Thankfully, the blueprints of the city and the buildings remained. Ever since the war the people of Dresden have been meticulously rebuilt the city to its former glory.

The work begun in 1990 and the reconstruction became a metaphor for reconciliation – not just for East and West Germany, but among wartime enemies too.

Dresden photos
I absolutely loved taking lots of photos of Dresden

Taking pictures of Dresden, Germany

Even though I only spent a couple of days in Dresden, I really wanted to find some of the best photo spots in the city.

From climbing to the top of the Church of our Lady for the views of the city below to walking around the walls of the Zwinger, here are 17 photos that’ll make you want to visit Dresden. Honestly, for those you you looking for some of the best Instagram spots in Dresden, hopefully this blog post will be a bit of inspiration for you.

For those of you looking for some of the best things to do in Dresden, check out this guide. It’s packed full of advice & information and is perfect for those of you planning a weekend break!

I really hope you enjoy your time in Dresden!

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Dresden is one of the top cities to visit in Germany

The Church of our Lady (Dresden Frauenkirche)

dresden today

One of the most impressive buildings in Dresden is The Church of our Lady, the Dresden Frauenkirche. Built in the 18th century, the ruins of the church were initially left as a war memorial. However, the meticulous restoration started in 1994 and was eventually completed in 2005.

Entering the church is free (it is a working church so be respectful!). People are welcome to walk around taking in the beautiful details of the marble work and sculptures.

One of my favourite photo spots was up on the 2nd and 3rd floor. There’s a viewing gallery where you can take some nice photos of the interior of the church (like this one below).

dresden images
The inside of the Church of our Lady

Another amazing Dresden picture spot is the viewing platform. This is found at the very top of the church. Tickets cost €8 (€20 for a family of four).

It’s a bit of a steep climb so if you’re a bit impaired mobility wise it’s probably best to leave this one. For those of you who make the effort though, the views are stunning.

From the top of the church you can see the Dresden skyline in all its glory. This is such a beautiful city and you really do get to see all the church spires from this vantage point.

Old Market Square (Altmarkt)

dresden pictures
This is the Old Market Square very early in the morning

Surrounding the Church of our Lady is the Old Market Square. This large rectangular marketplace has been the heart of the town since Dresden’s foundation. Today, it is still the bustling heartbeat of the city.

All around the Old Market Square are bars, restaurants, shops and hotels serving up everything from traditional German cuisine to fusion-style cooking. I stayed at Vienna House and it was a gorgeous place to stay at – I could even hear violinists busking below my window!

When it comes to images of Dresden, you’ll often find Old Market Square is completely deserted. This is because people wake up super early to take photos before the city wakes up. If you stay close then you’ll be able to hop out of bed and fire off a few snaps of the buildings. That’s my top tip.


stallhof dresden
I loved the columns at the Stallhof

The Stallhof was once where they held jousting tournaments dating back to the 16th century in Germany. These days, the only events held here are the German Christmas market every year!

The Stallhof is renowned for its Italian features such as the marble pillars and the huge 101-metre mural sweeping Schlossplatz Square, known as the Procession of Princes. Because of the Italian influence, the buildings here are very different to other parts of the city.


dresden instagram spots

The Zwinger comprises of a number of buildings that together represent a Gesamptkunstwerk, roughly a ‘complete work of art’. Like most of the buildings in Dresden, the Zwinger is free to enter and walk around, and it is a huge complex you can get lost in.

There are so many Dresden Instagram spots dotted around the Zwinger complex. One of the best spots is up on the 2nd floor overlooking the buildings. If you watch my vlog at the top of the post you’ll see where I mean.

Neustadt (New Town)


While Dresden may be known for its Alstadt (Old Town), it is the Neustadt (New Town) that’s getting everyone excited. If you’re looking for one of the most vibrant and multicultural places to party outside of Berlin, the Neustadt in Dresden is where it’s at.

There are so many pubs and bars here it’s impossible to choose between them all. Also, with cute cafes and independent shops dotted around everywhere, this is definitely one of the most happening parts of town.

My advice for the Neustadt is get your camera out, get lost, and see where it takes you. This is what Dresden is like today, so it’s a really cool place exploring by yourself.

Pfunds Dairy

pfunds dairy dresden

When it comes to photography in Dresden, it’s not all beautiful buildings outside. You’ve got to head inside too. That’s why I recommend this place.

I can officially say I’ve been to the most beautiful dairy shop in the world (as confirmed by the Guinness Book of Records!) Pfunds Dairy is a cheese and dairy shop like no other.

Not only do they serve delicious cheeses accompanied by some of the best wines in the region, but the shop is so beautiful too. It is like the inside of a country mansion but with lots and lots of cheese! I had one of the cheese platters while I was there and it was delish. If you’ve got time on your Dresden then I’d really recommend a cheese platter from here!

My favourite photos of Dresden

My trip to Germany was in association with Visit Germany and Visit Dresden highlighting why this is such an amazing place to travel to. As always, views are entirely my own and without bias.

Do any of these photos of Dresden make you want to visit the city? I’d love to hear which one is your favourite so let me know in the comments below!

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