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28 Photos That’ll Make You Want to Visit the Yukon

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If you’re looking at truly immersing yourself in the great outdoors that Canada’s so famous for then the Yukon is the place for you!

Photos of the Yukon

When people plan their holidays to Canada they think of hiking in the Rocky Mountains or eating their way through Montreal. Or perhaps they want to lose themselves on Vancouver Island or discover what the city has to offer.

What they don’t think of is being cut off from it all up in the Yukon, a place hardly anyone visits, a place that might just be the most beautiful in all of Canada.

Emerald Lake, the Yukon

Home to just 36,000 people, the Yukon is one of the largest territories in one of the world’s largest countries.

To put that into perspective, if the Yukon was a country it would be a little bit smaller than Spain, a country with a population of 47 million people. People have space up here, an abundance of it.

There aren’t many places that have that vast nothingness where you can lose yourself completely. Perhaps Iceland, but then you have to share it with the two million tourists who visit each year.

How many tourists visit the Yukon? Fewer than 500,000 a year, the majority of those being Canadian and American anyway. Foreigners are quite rare here!

If you’re looking at getting away from it all, looking at truly immersing yourself in the great outdoors that Canada’s so famous for, then the Yukon is the place for you. Hopefully I’ve peaked your interest!

Fish Lake, the Yukon

I fell in love with the Yukon before I had even arrived.

As we were flying towards Whitehorse, the capital, I looked out the window and all I could see were swathes of dense green forests and snow-capped mountains. Occasionally, I spotted a house. And that was it. The was the setting scene.

They say you only get one chance to make a first impression – well the Yukon’s was one that would live with me forever.

River Yukon

Even though I only spent a week in and around Whitehorse, I explored as much of the Yukon as I could.

From canoeing on the River Yukon to horse riding out at Fish Lake to flying over Kluane National Park, every day was a different activity.

There were a few things that I loved about the Yukon.

No matter who I spoke to, from all the locals who called the place home for 20 years to the tourists who had just stepped off the plane, everyone seemed completely infatuated with the place.

It was as if the Yukon had this rare ability to really make people appreciate where they were in the world. They didn’t just pass the time, they savoured every moment of it. I felt like I did too.

Mountains in the Yukon

It’s hard to describe, it really is, but the Yukon is special.

I’m one of the incredibly lucky few to have visited the place, with the help on the Canadian tourist board nonetheless, so I understand a little of what makes this place so unique.

I’m not going to pretend I’m an expert on the subject; I’m not. All I can do is show you why I loved the place in the hope you’ll get to see it for yourself one day.

And if you don’t, well here’s what you’re missing out on – here are 28 photos that’ll make you want to visit Whitehorse and the Yukon.

Travelling around the Yukon? Then bookmark my guides to the best things to do in the Yukon, on visiting Haines Junction and on visiting Whitehorse. You can also see my guide to nearby Alberta too!

Photos of the Yukon

Most of the Yukon looks a little like this. Okay, most of the Yukon looks a LOT like this

Bove Lake, the Yukon

There’s a rule in the Yukon – the higher you get, the better the views are

Hiking in the Yukon

That’s especially true if you fly a plane over somewhere like Kluane National Park

Flying over Kluane National Park

Then the views are truly out of this world

Kluane National Park

But it’s not all about the mountains in the Yukon – wherever you look something will catch you eye

Native eagle in the Yukon

The Yukon also has Carcross Desert, officially the world’s smallest desert (there’s a sign so it has to be true!)

Carcross Desert, the Yukon

And the beaches are something else too – how many places have beaches, mountains and forests all in one photo!?

Beaches in the Yukon

And the trees! Let’s not forget about the trees everywhere!

Forest in the Yukon

The Yukon has a lot of history and culture with First Nations tribes dotted all over the place

Carcross, the Yukon

Though it’s difficult not taking a million photos when you see them

Totem pole, Canada

Things can get pretty remote

Moose head in Canada

There’s lots of space for silence

Roads in the Yukon

Just beware who you share it with

Bare warning sign in Canada

Even driving around the Yukon is pretty special. This is what a lot of the roads look like

Driving around the Yukon

And the train, just wow. Yeah, that’s pretty special too

Train to Alaska

Or perhaps you’d prefer getting around by canoe?

Canoeing in Canada

Or maybe riding is more your thing?

Horse riding in Canada

There are some incredible hiking opportunities in the Yukon too. Just take your pick!

Hiking in Canada

That means you’ll work up a bit of an appetite, which is great because the food is incredible here

Food in Whitehorse

Just don’t forget to order the local brew to wash it down with!

Yukon beer

And have I talked about the amount of space you have yet?

Canadian outdoors

Well this is Whitehorse, the capital. Not many capitals can boast a view like this

Whitehorse, Canada

And to finish things off, the Yukon even has the midnight sun where it never gets dark. This sunset was taken on the dot of midnight. You see, I told you the Yukon was a pretty special place!

Midnight sun

If you’re looking at exploring the Yukon yourself, Canadian Affair’s ‘In the Footsteps of the Yukon Pioneers‘ package offers an amazing itinerary taking in some of the regions best sites and attractions.

My trip to the Yukon was part of Destination Canada’s and Canadian Affair’s campaign discovering some of the best things to do in and around Whitehorse. As always, views are entirely my own and without bias.

Have you ever been to Canada before? If so, have you ever made it up to the Yukon? What did you think of it? And what are some of your favourite things to do in Whitehorse? Let me know in the comments below!

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The Yukon might just be the most beautiful place in all of Canada. Don't believe me? Here are 28 photos that'll make you want to visit Whitehorse & the Yukon.

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  1. This is lovely. I taught school in the Yukon in the late sixties and I can’t get over how it has changed. Hope to take a trip up there again before I can’t do it anymore. Thank you.

    • I’m really glad you enjoyed it! Hopefully you can make it back up to the Yukon one day – it really is such a stunning place to visit!

    • Yeah, it really is. I really recommend visiting the Yukon – it’s one of my favourite places in Canada!


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