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Winter Blogs

These are all of my winter blogs at An Adventurous World

I don’t know why, but when I think of travelling abroad, usually I imagine sunning myself on a beach or doing something adventurous in a tropical country. I rarely think of winter destinations, which is weird because I LOVE travelling in winter!

One of my favourite places is the mountains. Well, in winter I find the mountains even more special. I love skiing or hiking on a crisp winter’s day and I feel it’s so calming for the soul.

A couple of places I love travelling to in winter is Denmark and France. Denmark for cool cosy cafes, France for the skiing and adventure activities.

So, if you love winter as much as I do, then these are all of my winter blogs at An Adventurous World. I really want to inspire you to do something different on your travels and that includes visiting new winter destinations too!