A simpler way of life

Nicole Walford is a yoga instructor and avid surfer.

The simplicity of her life can be described only by visiting Tofino in British Columbia, Canada – the most westerly point in Canada on the 49th Parallel.

Her philosophy is simple; if you treat nature with respect, it will return the favour.

As she says: “I definitely felt in the city, there is the sound of the traffic, the business, the hustle and bustle. Your nervous system sort of meets that pace, whereas in Tofino the natural environment brings your energy and your nervous system down and it’s more of a settling, grounding feeling.

“There’s more things here that draw us back into connection, like the ability to go for a beach walk and not see a single person in the middle of January or the ability to go surfing or dive into the old water or the ability to lay out a yoga mat and do a practice in the sand.”

Surfing in Tofino

Continuing, Nicole says “I came here on a trip with some friends on Spring Break when I was in high school and I just knew the way my heart when I left I knew I need to come back and spend some time here.

“As long as the community stays strong in what we believe in Tofino will continue to expand in a positive way, that’s what I definitely feel will happen, we just need to stand up and protect it.

“The world is full of places like Tofino, and it is our duty to take care of these places, because in caring for them and protecting them the natural environment will take care of us.”

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