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Country Guides & Itineraries

These are all of my city country guides & itineraries at An Adventurous World

If you’re heading to a new destination then make sure you check out all my country guides & itineraries!

To be honest with you, I feel I should have more of these guides than I do. Over the years I’ve been to 75+ countries across 6 continents. I’ve also lived in places like Australia and China, and I’ve ever volunteered in Bangladesh for a bit, so there a number of places I know incredibly well.

If I’ve spent a bit of time somewhere, I always like to write a pretty meaty guide about the place. This usually includes where to stay, what to do and a detailed itinerary too.

A good example is my Japan two week itinerary – this is the perfect itinerary for an alternative two weeks in Japan!

So, if you’re heading to any of these destinations below I really recommend you use one of my country guides!