These photos shots do not lie – Uunartoq really is the most beautiful and remote hot springs in Greenland

It felt like we had reached the end of the world in Uunartoq.

Considering we were so far away from an civilisation in Greenland, in essence, that’s exactly where we were.

About an hours boat ride away from the small town of Qaqortoq in Southern Greenland sits the island of Uunartoq, which literally means “the warm place”.

It’s no wonder why; Uunartoq is home to Greenland’s most beautiful natural hot springs. Don’t believe me? Then watch our video below!

This is what the hot springs in Greenland are really like:

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Uunartoq: The Most Beautiful Hot Springs in Greenland
Uunartoq: The Most Beautiful Hot Springs in Greenland

Hot springs in Greenland

Hot springs are abundant in Greenland, however, Uunartoq is the only hot spring that is actually warm enough to bathe in. The water consistently sits at a pleasant 38 degrees.

We arrived after dinner, the light outside still bright, and climbed out of the boat and onto the dock. A rocky beach to our right and huge mountainscapes to our left, we giddily scampered up a ladder from the dock and onto land.

Uunartoq Hot Springs Southern Greenland

Being in the middle of nowhere

Something about Greenland that I’ve never experienced anywhere else in the world is the silence: the feeling that we were really the only ones there. It’s a sense of peacefulness that seeps into your whole body, and I absolutely love it.

A short walk from the dock, the first glimpse of the hot springs was the small, white structure that sits in an otherwise wild setting. The small hut serves as a change room next to the springs.

Changing into my bathing suit had to be quick, as the arctic air outside was biting at my skin. It also made scampering into the pool that much more satisfying.

iceberg southern greenland

Uunartoq hot springs

We were in awe as we sat back and looked over the hill at giant icebergs floating by, with layers upon layers of rustic mountain edges in the background.

Brian flew the drone while we relaxed and the shots do not lie. Flying overhead, the birds eye view picks up the vastness of the land, the colours that seems painted on and the serene power of natural beauty.

I found a few spots in the black, coarse sand at the bottom of the pool to dig my hands and feet in for maximum warmth. It felt like the world held it’s breathe for a moment.

The only con of visiting this place: getting out of the warm water. When it was time to go, I used all my strength to bolt from the springs, dry off and change back into my cozies at lightning speed. I was grateful for the extra socks and hat that I had brought along for the ride back.

epic sunset uunartoq southern greenland

Riding home in the boat, it was around 10pm and we were safely stowed in the cabin.

Just in time for sunset, the grey skies that had been hanging all night lifted slightly, like a curtain being peeked under, and we caught one of the most glowing, gorgeous sunsets I’ve ever seen.

It is certainly worth the trip to make it to Uunartoq, drone or no drone. Make sure to bring some whiskey or wine to make the pools even more enjoyable, sit back and soak in the natural wonders.

Is Uunartoq somewhere you’d like to visit? It looks beautiful, doesn’t it? Let me know what you think of Uunartoq in the comments below!

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Lori Kaisand

It looks beautiful and we would like to visit while in Qaqortoq this August. How did you get to the springs?